Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Etsy Shop Finds for Bookish Women

With the help of various craft shops on, the book lover can completely accessorize herself with books or at least items relating to books. 

I always have a satisfying feeling when ordering from Etsy, because I feel like I am helping to support a creative entrepreneur. I have a kind of empathy for all artists, even if my "art" is different in nature.

 You can order this Write On bracelet above for $39.95 from A Likely Story shop on Etsy. This is the very bracelet that I bought from this shop, and I love it. Part of the charm of this bracelet is that it is made with manual typewriter keys. To me, the manual typewriter is such a fun and romantic symbol for writers. I don't actually want to use one -- I've been too spoiled by computers and modern software -- but I like its old-fashioned charm and look. The charms include both open and closed books, reading glasses, typewriter, computer, coffee mug and memo pad with pencil. I liked this one for myself, because it seemed to represent different aspects of me as a writer and reader. The last item seems to resemble the reporter's notebooks I carry for my newspaper work. The books could represent ones I've written as well as ones I read. It had the charming typewriter as well as the writing instrument I actually use -- the computer. The coffee cup, I must say, fits me very well too. You know you're a frequent Dunkin Donuts customer when sometimes your coffee is made before you reach the counter.

There are a variety of similar bracelets from A Likely Story for authors, librarians, writers and bibliophiles. How about this Got Books? bracelet for $39.95? One of these book covers says "Romance novel" and another says "True story" to represent your diverse reading material.

For the mystery lover, either writer or reader ... 

The ptierneydesigns Etsy shop has jewelry for mystery lovers, either writers or readers. Above is her mystery writer's wearable art pin for $19.75.  The pin is a kilt pin. The collected charms include reproductions of book covers for The Moving Finger by Agatha Christie, Fer-de-Lance by Rex Stout, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle and Murders in the Rue Morgue by Edgar Allen Poe. The other charms are a revolver, an inkwell, a red herring and a cleaver. Just imagine what a conversation starter it would be to have a cleaver on your pin. Somehow, the cleaver looks more menacing to me than the revolver. It looks more, er, accident prone. Hopefully, you can assure your friends that you're only interested in reading (or writing) mysteries, not in acting them out.

This reminds me of the item below. This mug declares, "Pay no attention to my browsing history. I'm a writer, not a serial killer." I must say that I've had a few Google searches that might make me appear suspicious.

The mug is not an Etsy item, but you can get that mug here for $10 from

Back to my previous thought, I love ptierneydesigns shop. She has so many nice things for the mystery lover, including many charm bracelets themed around specific mystery books and writers. How about a bracelet that is a tribute to several of the great fictional detectives?


This one features Charlie Chan, Ellery Queen, Miss Marple, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot and Nick Charles. The detectives' images are handmade with plastic and covered in sealant. The pewter charms include a fedora, fingerprint, knitting, calabash pipe, mustache and handcuffs. Mystery lovers, I'm sure you can guess which of these detectives are represented by some of these objects. You can purchase this one here.

Here is a purse that is almost identical to one I have, available from the NovelCreations shop on Etsy. You can purchase this one for $60.00 here. The purses from this shop are made with real book covers with cotton fabric on the sides, handles and button and strap closures. A Jane Austen cover isn't the only possibility. There are lots of other options like To Kill a Mockingbird, Pride and Prejudice, Charlotte's Web and even Gray's Anatomy. Maybe, you'd like a purse with a Shakespeare plays cover or Beauty and the Beast.

Can you tell I'm a bracelet lover? What about a twin set of kindred spirit rings for you and a friend inspired by the Anne of Green Gables series?

You can see these rings frame a bit of text from a book page. That text happens to include the words Diana, Anne and kindred spirits. It's a perfect gift for you and a fellow Anne of Green Gables loving friend. My friend Betty often calls me her kindred spirit, and I gave her one of these rings a couple of Christmases ago. These rings are available for $33.00 from CSLiteraryJewelry.

I know the Christmas season is past, but birthdays come all year long.


  1. Thanks for sharing your bracelet from etsy. I keep forgetting about that site, so I'm going to make a bookmark of it. I have one of the bracelets made out of typewriter keys, but it doesn't spell anything out.

    As for the purse, I really wanted to have one made from one of my books. Still searching for that where it won't cost too much.

    Again, Thanks much.

    P.S. I wasn't able to comment as by putting in my name and email address, so this will link to my old blog.

    1. That would be neat if you could have a purse made with your own book cover. I hope you're able to find the right crafter/shop that would do it without too much expense.

  2. Nice selection you have here. I like the Anne of Green Gables word rings!

    1. Yes, I was looking for some little gift for my friend that made a reference to "kindred spirits," came across this and just thought it was perfect. :)

  3. I love these so much! I've even saved the mug and also the reading charm bracelet to my favourites for in the future. I just love when you find cool items like this and you want to own them all DD: Thanks so much for sharing these finds with me! I just ordered a tribal print #currentlyreading mug for an online shop as well. Who needs Christmas or birthdays to treat yourself? :D

  4. Olivia, I'm so glad you enjoyed these and possibly found some little things with which to treat yourself. I can relate to wanting to own them all. That can happen when you come across a shop where everything suits your interests. :) Your #currentlyreading mug sounds fun too.

  5. I have that first bracelet! I bought it to wear to a writers conference last fall and nobody even noticed it. :-( But wearing it made me feel writerly. My husband had all my book covers made into a bracelet through Etsy at Christmas and I love it. But one of the charms has already fallen off and I lost it I have to contact the seller to see if she can replace it with a new one. I'm hoping to get my fifth book cover soon so I may just have her do both at once.

    1. We are bracelet twins then. :) I understand what you mean about feeling writerly, although it's too bad nobody at the conference noticed your bracelet. I have a typewriter pendant necklace too, which I wear with that bracelet sometimes. I don't think the necklace was from Etsy but from It does make me feel very writerly. :) Wow. I am getting some ideas from you and Bea on accessories with your own book covers. I don't have enough of my own books, so far, to fill up a charm bracelet, but it's my hope. I do have another book, unrelated to the one on my sidebar, that is currently out of print. Getting that republished to Kindle Direct Publishing/Create Space is one of my goals for this year.